Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump/AC

Samsung Cassette Heat Pumps are the best solution for the limited space applications where other Samsung Mini Split Systems like Wall Mounted won’t fit. Ceiling Cassette mini splits by Samsung are presented by the following models:

Every single Samsung Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump System comes with free wired remote controller that provides convenient control of indoor unit operation. It features heat/cool/dry control and programmable operation. Just mount it in the wall, set up desired program and the Samsung Mini Split system will turn on cooling or heating exactly the minute you come home.

One of the remarkable features of the Samsung Mini Split Ceiling Cassette indoor units is the size. The height of the indoor unit is 8-3/4″ for 24,000 BTU unit and 11-3/4″ for 36-48,000 BTU mini split indoor units. It’s slightly less comparing to the other ceiling cassettes, that benefits with quieter operation and hassle-free installation in limited spaces and old applications.